4 things that productive people do first up

4 things that productive people do first up

Do you want to be more productive and have a better start to your mornings? Below are some of the things that highly successful people do first thing in the morning to kick-start their day.

1. Switch up that morning coffee for some water!

Water, the most underrated, free things on this earth. There are a lot of physical and mental health benefits to drinking water, especially first thing in the morning.

Some of these positive benefits include a boost in energy, cleansing the body of toxins and a boost to your metabolism, aiding a healthy way to lose weight lose. Your body gets dehydrated overnight and, given your water makes up for 70% of your body, you need to top it up after sleeping for 6 plus hours.

Doing this first thing in the morning is a great way to not just start your day but to help with your fitness and health goals!

  2. Meditate to prepare yourself for the day

This is a tough one for people who don't know how to or struggle to clear their mind so if this is you, put some relaxing music on and take ten - twenty minutes out of your morning (wake up earlier if you have to) to just clear your mind of the negative things that happened yesterday and focus and the goals and challenges ahead for today. 

A lot of successful people attribute their success to meditating this time alone to 'gather themselves' and its a great way to start your day with your goals clear and in front of mind.

 3. Be grateful

If you find meditating too hard, try this; take five minutes out of your morning to write in a journal three things that you are grateful for in your life. This positive start to your day makes you feel centred and also helps lift your mood by remembering the good things and people in your life.  Cultivating a life of gratitude  leads to positive mental long term effects on yourself and those around you and reminds you of the things that are truly important. Read back on these at night or after a big day to remind yourself of these important thoughts. 

4. Exercise and get it done first thing

I don't have time, I hear you say. There is always time to get the blood pumping first thing in the morning. Go for a walk, or grab your work clothes, head to the gym and get in a quick session or simply do a light session at home by yourself. You can download so many apps now that promote 30 day challenges targeted at strengthening specific areas of your body or some even have full, body weight workouts.

If you get it done first thing in the morning, you don't have to worry about doing it after a big day.


These are four simple things that can help you increase your mood and productivity in the morning, do these consistently and you will feel more motivated and happier throughout the day. And the most important thing to do first is make the decision to actively change.